Peace – Progress – Prosperity

Peace – Progress – Prosperity

Soar Like Garuda; Leap Like Harimau; Roar Like Lion!

Every year three original ASEAN members, namely Singapore, Indonesia and Malaysia mark an important milestone in the month of August. In true camaraderie spirit, TRI-Nation Virtual Run is thus conceptualized to commemorate Singapore’s National Day on 9 August, Indonesia’s Independence Day on 17 August and Malaysia’s Merdeka Day on 31 August respectively. 

Peace – Progress – Prosperity

TRI-Nation 2019 Virtual Run medals will come in the form of three majestic animal symbols which represent Lion for Singapore,Tiger aka Harimau for Malaysia and Eagle aka Garuda for Indonesia.  The animal in each medal is exquisitely designed which exudes an aura of patriotism of the country it proudly represents.  Finally, when the three medals are eventually put together, it signifies Three Pillars of Strength– “Peace, Progress and Prosperity” for the three countries.


Our runners can choose to sign up for one run, two runs or three runs.  And you can choose the country you wish to dedicate your run to.  The type of medal earned is based on your selected country at the time of your registration with us.  That said, it’s one submission for one medal, two submissions for two medals.

The distance is 5KM for each run at your own pace, time and date.  When that is done, just upload your recorded run details for our verification.  Sign up for three races to earn all three of our uniquely designed medals for posterity.

You may wish to note that all submissions on or before 7 July 2019 will receive the run medals in the month of August 2019 by post.

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