Ambassador Profile — 5 Min Read

Patricia Poo

Ambassador Profile — 5 Min Read

Patricia Poo

Hi Patricia! The last time I saw you, you were so busy talking to friends!

Patricia Poo: I love to spend time with friends, but I also love to makan (eat) and watch videos online!

Could you tell us more about yourself?

Patricia Poo: My name’s Patricia Poo and I’m 29 this year. I was born with congenital sclerocornea and developed glaucoma in my late teens.

Could you explain more about your eye conditions?

Patricia Poo: My eyesight conditions mean that I can only see short distances but cannot recognise faces, and I also can’t react fast. This is dangerous especially if there’s an oncoming person or vehicle, especially with Personal Mobility Devices (PMDs) nowadays. My white cane protects me as any oncoming public member would see my cane and slow down.

I heard that you’re a very active runner! What does running mean to you?

Patricia Poo: Running has been my companion since I was a kid, but I took a break for awhile when there weren’t sufficient accommodations for my eye conditions. Four years ago, I started running again after joining Running Hour. Running helps me destress and I run more to eat more. I also run with friends. Community is important to me and all my friends inspire me.

Why should people join Run For Light 2018?

Patricia Poo: I encourage people to join, especially the 1km blindfold walk. It’ll help you better comprehend how people with total visual impairment understand the world. It may just be for a while, but it will change your perspective towards people with special needs.

Thanks Patricia for your time. Any last words you’d like to say before we end?

Patricia Poo: Be more aware of your surroundings. Don’t just focus on your phone. The world out there is beautiful and there may be people near you who may need your assistance.