Ambassador Profile — 5 Min Read

Mr James Chiang

Ambassador Profile — 5 Min Read

Mr James Chiang

Hi James! Could you tell us more about yourself?

James Chiang: I’m James Chiang, 68 this year. I’m doing part-time work at a lab that produces shower gel/perfume/shampoo, where my job is to smell. I’m also volunteering at Info-communications Media Development Authority (IMDA).

Light is Hope, Light is a Way

We understand you have glaucoma and tunnel vision. How do that affect your day-to-day?

James Chiang: I find it very difficult to navigate unfamiliar places, especially at night when my vision weakens. When the environment is not as conducive (e.g. rainy season), it affects what I can see. Road changes and construction also bring inconveniences. White cane training helps me as it teaches safety. The challenge for me is still learning how to orientate and direct myself, which is why I also rely on GPS and sighted guides.

Even with some challenges, you enthusiastically took part in Run For Light last year and I heard you’re participating again this year?

James Chiang: Last year I ran, but this year I will try quick walking instead. I believe exercising is beneficial for everyone, regardless of abilities or age. Since I’ll need a running buddy, running also means I make a new friend.

You live such an active and positive life! What else do you like to do?

James Chiang: I love to do many activities during my free time. Dabbling in IT like my smart phone and playing sports like bowling are some of my favourites. A While back, I took part in Guide Dogs Singapore Ltd (GDS)’s yoga session with Trim Fitness, where public members joined in GDS clients in blindfold yoga. I hope for more such activities for the blind and visually impaired community to go out and explore.

Thanks James for giving us your time. Any words of inspiration you’d like to say?

James Chiang: Light is Hope, Light is a Way.